Learn more about our initiatives that aim to bolster the community
Since Malaysia is marked by a spectrum of several cultures and multifarious community structure, the local community engagement has always been an important part of Allianz Malaysia’s understanding as a responsible corporate citizen. With focus on the diversified nation and culture in the country, Allianz Malaysia aims to be a strong and reliable partner for its customers and therefore seeks to provide the best and sustainable solutions. As part of its corporate responsibility, Allianz Malaysia also focuses on one of its core pillars i.e. the Community Pillar where Allianz4Good organizes a variety of community based campaigns, programs and workshops reaching out to its employees, agents, business partners, customers and the general public.

Since 2006, we have supported Persatuan Mobiliti Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur (“MOBILITI”), a charitable organisation that was set up to provide door-to-door transport for wheelchair users within the Klang Valley. Vans that are specially modified with hydraulic lifts and wheelchair restraint systems enable passengers to travel comfortably around the Klang Valley for a minimal fee. Allianz Malaysia has supported MOBILITI since 2006, currently sponsoring four of the five vans in their fleet. Our sponsorship covers MOBILITI’s operational costs, which include fuel, toll, maintenance and salaries. We also provide free Motor Insurance and Driver and Passenger Personal Accident insurance for the sponsored vans. With our support, MOBILITI was able to make 11,808 trips during their financial year ended June 2014, and is a valuable service for over 1,400 registered passengers.


In December 2014, Allianz Malaysia sponsored the Community Service Centre for the Deaf (“CSCD”) a return air ticket for the caretaker of the children and other necessary items for the CSCD children’s travel to a week-long Al Amal Camp held in the United Arab Emirates. The camp was organised by the Sharjah City for Humanitarian Services under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi with the aim of providing children with disabilities an opportunity to forge new friendships, broaden their horizons and develop greater confidence levels. We also sponsored 150 units each of our reflective wristbands and Road Safety Tips Booklets for distribution to all the participants of the camp. The sponsorship was complemented with Allianz Travel Care Insurance for the CSCD participants.

In today’s world, a computer is a key tool in improving administrative efficiency and is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of everyday life.

Many schools and NGOs are in need of functional computers for administration or education purposes. With this in mind and also in our effort to preserve the environment, we initiated a Personal Computer Donation Project. Under this project, computers and laptops which were due for replacement by Allianz Malaysia were offered to schools and NGOs, as we believe that it is both socially and environmentally beneficial to re-use these computers and laptops.

After a wipe-out exercise, a total of 768 desktops and 15 laptops were available for distribution to identified schools and NGOs. All identified NGOs had to undergo the Integrity Check for Non-Profit/ Non-Governmental Organisations while the schools had to complete a form indicating the number of desktops and laptops requested and purpose of usage. Through this project, a total of 768 desktops and 15 laptops were donated to 63 schools and 22 NGOs.

Every day, someone depends on blood and organ for life. Blood may be needed for surgery or accident victims and to treat patients with leukaemia, cancer, heart disease, liver disease and hemophilia whilst organs are needed as a live saving ‘engine’ and yet only a few of us donate blood and pledge our organs.

In 2014, to commemorate Malaysia Day, Allianz4Good organised a Blood Donation Drive and Organ Donation Pledge in 9 locations nationwide with the objective of replenishing the Blood Bank as well as creating awareness on organ donation pledges and signing-up organ pledges. Through this drive, a total of 492 individuals donated blood while 163 individuals pledged their organs.

To commemorate Malaysia Day, Allianz4Good will organize the Blood Donation Drive and Organ Donation Pledge on an annual basis. The drive will be managed by Pusat Darah Negara, National Transplant Resource Centre and the respective participating hospitals.

Allianz Malaysia promotes safety in various forms. Extending our scope beyond road safety, we also emphasise on personal safety. Ultimately, we aim to create a community that has the knowledge and skills necessary to keep them safe from various risks they may face. We believe that we can be a trusted partner for preparedness and protection via our insurance solutions and our community engagement initiatives.

We create awareness on crime prevention and survival skills through the REACT Programme, conducted by Capt. K. Balasupramaniam, a safety activist and emergency survival trainer. The REACT Programmes are held for employees, agents, business partners and customers.

In addition to the REACT programmes, we also organised hands-on workshops for our employees to equip them with basic self-defence skills. A professional trainer was engaged to conduct these workshops, which were intended to equip our employees with not just theoretical but also practical crime prevention skills.

2014 saw us supporting the Women’s Street Crime and Awareness Campaign for a second year. This public event, organised by the Road Safety Marshal Club, aimed to raise crime awareness through the twelve booths highlighting survival techniques such as how to escape from a car booth, how to fall safely in case your handbag is snatched and how to use a pepper spray, amongst others. We also sponsored Community Care Kits containing security and first aid items, which were distributed to ten Residential Associations in the Klang Valley during the event.

Allianz Malaysia also sponsored the installation of 30 signboards listing emergency contact numbers at thirty locations in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. These signboards aim to provide the local community with important contact numbers, such as those of the local police station, district office, district hospital and fire department. This is to provide them easy access to these numbers to call for help in case any untoward incident occurs.

At the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, Malaysia experienced one of the worst flood situations in recent history. Understanding the difficulties faced by flood survivors, Allianz Malaysia took a number of measures to ease their burdens. We issued a press release raising awareness on claims procedures specifically pertaining to floods, so that those affected would know what to look out for on their policies to determine their coverage and what records they should take to assist the claims process. Besides that, we also expedited the claims process for affected customers and employees and embarked on a number of humanitarian aid projects.

Two collection drives for necessities such as food, clothes and sanitary items were carried out amongst employees and agents to collect relief items for people in flood-affected areas. Allianz Malaysia supplemented this by making a cash contribution for the purchase of urgently requested items. The collected and purchased items were given to the MVFRA who then distributed them to affected communities in Kemaman, Pengkalan Chepa, Manek Urai, Ipoh, Gua Musang, Kuala Betis, Temerloh and Maran. Subsequently, we made a second cash distribution to support MVFRA’s flood relief efforts in Beaufort.

Allianz Malaysia employees, agents, friends and family members from different parts of the country volunteered to clean up a flood affected school in Tanah Merah, Kelantan. SK Tebing Tinggi was identified by Ops Harapan - a community initiative by passionate individuals to unite Malaysians in providing flood aid to the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia - as one of the worst hit schools in the area, having had its entire ground floor flooded. Our 43 volunteers, some travelling to Kelantan from Penang and Kuala Lumpur, worked tirelessly for 4 days to clear the worst of the mud and debris. This entailed the physical tasks of shovelling out water-soaked books, breaking down and carrying out unusable furniture and fittings, and pushing stagnant pools of mud out of the classrooms and drains.

Apart from just helping to clean up SK Tebing Tinggi in Tanah Merah, Allianz Malaysia contributed stationery sets, new uniforms and socks for distribution to its students. Stationery sets were given to eight other schools in Kelantan which were identified by our employees. They are SJK (C) Chung Hwa, SK Batu Jong, SK Bedal, SK Manek Urai, SK Kuala Nal, SRJK (T) Pasir Gajah, SK Sungai Embak and SK Temangan. We also provided school uniforms and socks to the students of SK Bandar Temerloh and SK Tanjung Lalang in Temerloh, Pahang which were affected by the flood. The request to provide the school items came from our Allianz Temerloh branch office.

Allianz Malaysia worked with a group of volunteers led by Siti Kasim, a prominent human rights lawyer, to assist communities in Gua Musang that, at that point in time, had been cut off from assistance for almost three months. As some of the Orang Asli villages were beyond reach by road, we also sponsored the cost of hiring a helicopter for two separate operations over a total of four days. Food, doctors, medical supplies and hygiene necessities were brought by land and by air to over 30 villages. Of the 40 tonnes of items delivered, over 8 tonnes were contributed by Allianz Malaysia employees and agents through a collection drive organized by the company.

Allianz Malaysia collaborated with Cypark to transport solar powered lighting systems as well as solar powered water desalination and purification systems to districts in Kuala Krai, specifically Manek Urai Lama and Kuala Nal, to provide relief to these areas which saw their electricity and water supply infrastructure damaged by the floods. Allianz Malaysia bore the transportation costs; while Cypark provided the expertise to set up the equipment and also trained the relief centre coordinators on the use of the systems.

Allianz Malaysia raised a total of RM130,000 for the victims of the Nepal Earthquake. Funds raised were channelled via Mercy Malaysia (“Mercy”) and the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (“MVFRA”) to provide relief and support to the affected population of Nepal.

On 26 April 2015, Nepal was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 and on 12 May 2015, Nepal was hit by a second earthquake with a magnitude of 7.4. Over 8,000 people were killed, thousands injured and missing, and more than two million displaced. Those who survived are still in need of help.

In the immediate aftermath, Allianz Malaysia rendered support to the MVFRA to send a team of eight members to Nepal. They were there for a week as part of the search and rescue mission and also distributed face masks and water filters to the people affected by the disaster. Subsequently, Allianz Malaysia organised a Donation Drive from 13 to 26 May 2015 at the Head Office and branches to help victims cope with the devastation and loss.

A total amount of RM80,000 was collected during the fundraising campaign. Allianz Malaysia then topped up this amount by RM50,000 which brings the total donation amount to RM130,000.

The donation amount has been allocated to two separate projects by Mercy and MVFRA respectively, with an aim to rehabilitate and rebuild areas affected by the quake in Nepal. Mercy will use the fund allocation from Allianz Malaysia to build temporary shelters in the Gorkha region in Nepal, to support over 300 displaced households. These temporary shelters are designed to withstand earthquakes as well as the upcoming monsoon season and can last for two years. Materials used for the shelters can then be dismantled and reused as building materials.

MVFRA’s donation allocation was used to fund the ‘Healing Hearts Operation’ carried out from 28 June to 2 July 2015. This operation provided play therapy for children in seven relief centres and schools in the earthquake recovery zone, namely Chandeshowering English Boarding Secondary School, Shree Shuku Lower School, Pancha Kanya Lower Secondary Dhulikbel, Shree Brameshowry Primary School, Shree Nawa Durga Bhawari, Shree Kaule Devi Primary School and Shree Okhrapauwa School. On top of that, the schools and relief centres received earthquake survival exercises for children and caregivers. The six-member MVFRA team who flew to Nepal for this operation also distributed Family Hygiene Kits, Feminine Kits, Play Therapy Kits, Infant Kits and dry food items to communities in Sindhupalchowk and Nuwakot.

Allianz Malaysia hopes that these efforts will greatly assist the affected communities in Nepal to get back on their feet after the major disaster that they have faced.

Allianz Malaysia rendered support to the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (“MVFRA”) to help Sabah earthquake victims. In the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, Allianz Malaysia supported MVFRA in their relief operations by providing 435 windbreakers, drinking water and hired three vans to distribute the items. Allianz Malaysia will continue to monitor and assess the situation and consider further relief aid.