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Easy, safe and insured parking is now available with ParkEasy. 

Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad recently teamed up with the peer-sharing app which offers fuss-free parking solutions to provide its users with Break-In Protection by Allianz. The protection covers up to RM1,500 in loss or damages when their vehicles parked using the app.

“We have all seen this sign before: ‘Vehicles and their contents are left in this car park at the owner's own risk’. In providing simply the best value for customer, we have teamed up with ParkEasy to offer its users a worry-free parking experience knowing their vehicles are being protected by Allianz," said Linda Lor, Head of Digital Innovation and Special Projects of Allianz General.

"ParkEasy users can be assured their vehicles are protected from break-ins so long as they use the app in securing a legal parking bay at their location (with access to the user’s device location permission) , they are insured for the duration of their parking,” added Linda. 

The ParkEasy app links up drivers who are looking for parking spots (Parkers) with drivers who are about to exit their parking spots (Leavers). Parkers will use ParkEasy credits to finding parking, and will earn back these credits when they become Leavers creating a convenient, mutually beneficial alliance for a common everyday problem.  

"It is an easy-to-use app that saves you a lot of time and hassle. But we knew providing protection was one of the important services that would elevate the ParkEasy experience. And in partnering with Allianz General, we are now able to protect our users throughout their parking journey. So it really is a win-win for users," said Warren Chan, CEO of ParkEasy.

ParkEasy is available on iOS and Android, to download, visit the App Store or Google Play respectively. To learn more about ParkEasy, visit

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