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Over 2,000 agents from more than 100 agencies nationwide joined Allianz Life insurance Malaysia Berhad for the annual Allianz Charity Day on 5 May 2018. 

The Allianz Charity Day allows the Company to band together with its agency force to participate in various charitable activities including conducting blood donation drives and the visits to orphanages, hospitals and old folk homes. 

This year, Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad Deputy Chief Sales Officer Raymond Cheah joined agents from the Power Group (LYS, E&S & KCM Ong Meng Juan) for a visit to the Sau Seng Lum (Puchong) Dialysis & Stroke Rehabilitation Centre. 

“The Allianz Charity Day is about spreading kindness,  love, and empathy to those around us. As a corporate entity, I am immensely proud to be part of an event that brought together over 2,000 agents for a good cause,” said Ong Pin Hean, Chief Sales Officer of Allianz Life.  

“It is our fifth year organising the Allianz Charity Day and the success of the event is truly down to the immense support we have received from our loyal partners that allows us to make a difference in people’s lives,” added Pin Hean.

In Melaka, agents from AXTI organised a charity talk to raise fund for all Chinese primary school in Muar while in Penang, agents from YES visited Shan Children's Home Association and an Orang Asli settlement in Chenderiang.  In Tuaran, Sabah,  90 agents from Nexus visited Tolumis Care Centre while in Sibu, Sarawak, agents from WHS organised a Love Run to raise awareness for anti-drugs. 

The Allianz Charity Day has been organised annually since 2014 and encourages and gives Allianz Life’s agency force the chance to give back to society. The agents devote an entire day carrying out various charitable activities involving children, orphans, old folks and championing other social causes

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