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Malaysian twins and Asian wildcard picks Muhammad Syukri and Muhammad Syuaib Mohamad have promised to make their experience count when they lace up their boots for the annual global Allianz Junior Football Camp (AJFC) gets underway in Munich, Germany this August 13-18.

The brothers impressed at the Asian camp in Bali last month to beat out 30 other hopefuls from five Asian countries - Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea to win the wildcard spots. It was the first time the wildcard was offered to two players since the Allianz camp was introduced in 2009.

Syukri and Syuaib will join fellow Malaysians Mohd Izzudin Roslan, Thineswaran Nathan and Mohd Amirul Zamri and 70 other budding footballers at the camp at the training ground of FC Bayern Munich on Säbener Straße in the Bavarian city.

"I still can't believe we made it to Munich! And now that it's just days away I'm buzzing with excitement and I'm also  a little bit nervous," said Syukir, the elder of the two with a laugh.

"I'm sure the talent there will be amazing but my brother and I are looking forward to enjoying the experience. It's not every day that you get to play football with FC Bayern. So, we want to make Malaysia proud!" 

The 16-year-old described the four days he spent in Bali last month training under FC Bayern‘s Youth coach Timon Pauls as part of the AJFC Asian camp as “amazing".

"Bali was nothing we have experienced before. I think it gave my brother and I just a taste of what it's like to be training at one of the top clubs in Europe. Coach Pauls used a very different approach from what we've experienced with local coaches, everything from the drills to teaching us skills like shooting and dribbling techniques. So what AJFC has given us really is priceless," he said.

And for Syukri, the opportunity to be a part of the camp it's extra special as he is a big fan of FC Bayern Munich.

"I know it's unusual to support a German team. When I was younger I used to follow my dad and support Liverpool but then I started watching FC Bayern in the UEFA Champions League and I fell in love with their style of play," he said.

"It'll be exciting to actually play on the same training ground as Mario Goetze! I hope I get to meet him. He's my idol."


Global Allianz Junior Football Camp in Munich

From 13th-18th August, 75 teenagers will experience an once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet their football heroes at the FC Bayern training ground on Säbener Straße personally. Here the chosen youngsters will enhance their personal skills during a series of training sessions and then compete with each other at the final tournament.

This unforgettable adventure also includes the chance to watch a private training session and meet international football superstars like Bayerns’ three-time Bundesliga champion and Germany’s world cup winning goalkeeper – Manuel Neuer. The youngsters will also receive a behind-the-scenes tour at the world famous Allianz Arena, will attend the opening match of the Bundesliga and do sightseeing in Munich.

At the same time the youths have the unique opportunity to establish contacts with football fans from all around the world. No matter where they come from - there are 29 countries involved this year– all the young people have one thing in common: their passion for football.

A total of over 300 youngsters aged between 14 and 16 years old have attended Allianz Junior Football Camps since 2009, creating a legacy of worldwide contacts and international friendships.