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As Industry 4.0 unfolds, enabling digital transformations across industries, there is greater need to nurture dynamism at the workplace. 
With organisations becoming increasingly tech-centric, more demand is being placed on employees being tech-fluent.  Wong Woon Man, Head of Human Resources at Allianz Malaysia Berhad said that technology-related skills will be the foundation for future job skills and that this should be complemented with the softer human skills of establishing relationships, communication and influence as well as business acumen in order to understand what can be done differently and how.
“Not all jobs are created equally and different roles will require different technological expertise. While it is the organisation’s responsibility to drive organisational development, it is equally the responsibility of every employee to take charge of their own development,” she said.  
So, what can current and potential employees do to remain relevant and “future fit” at the workplace?
Here’s how you can be “future fit”
Re-learn how to learn by embracing disruption at the workplace. Do not just wait for trainings, seminars or online courses for the opportunity to learn. Be present at the workplace and try to continually acquire new skills and knowledge through everyday scenarios. And try to develop cross-functional skills that you can always carry with you. 
Be in the know. Being tech-savvy and also having a deep understanding of their business, i.e. knowledge about the product(s), marketplace, customers’ needs and financials, means you will be far more equipped to deal with the changes and challenges of the future.  
Curiosity only killed cats. The ones who are better prepared for the future are also those who have a curious and inquisitive mind. So do not be afraid to challenge the status quo and always seek to find new and better ways of doing things. 
Machines aren't great at being human, so keep your strengths but also work towards developing other human skills such as creativity, leadership, compassion and emotional intelligence. 
Think globally. Do not confine yourself to your desk. Consider learning a new language, experiencing new cultures through travel or even working or taking on a work assignment overseas. 
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