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When planning a getaway, securing your home should be your utmost priority. Simple checks just do not cut it anymore because crime and danger do not make appointments. 

Belinda Wong, Head of Property at Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad recommends a thorough check of your home. He says: “For starters, take a good look around your home as if you were a thief to detect weak points. Then just work yourself from there and do the necessary. It is really about indentifying opportunities to improve security in and around your home and making the necessary improvements.”

Here are seven simple things that you can do to protect your home:  

Tip No.1: Secure your premises

Apart from making sure your doors and windows are locked before you leave, take note of gates, grills, windows and doors that are in need of repairs and do them promptly.  Besides that, invest in a good security system that offers you the best protection. 

Tip No.2: Lights up! 

If you cannot afford a security system, try installing motion sensor lighting.  Install them at the front porch, backyard and dark corners around your home.  Shining a spotlight is bound to give intruders a real fright!

Tip No.3: Unplug electronic to protect your home against power surges 

Unplug all electronic devices not in use… except the fridge! Also, turn off the water supply at the main valve and remove your domestic gas cylinder cap.  

Tip No.4: Get insured

If you are shopping for home insurance, get Smart Home Cover. The plan covers loss or damage to the residential building; household contents and personal effects; reimburses repair for burst pipes, replacement of house doors, locks and windows or any home repair service solicited through (  and Servis Hero (;. Log on to to learn more.  

Tip No.5: Lay low on social media

Resist the temptation to flaunt the scenic view from your hotel balcony. Refrain from sharing your whereabouts on social media. You never know who is watching. 

Tip No.6: Make friends with your neighbours 

Build good rapport with your neighbours, but not just because you are going on a holiday! Ask your neighbours as they can keep a lookout for suspicious activities and report them if necessary while you are away and vice versa.   

Tip No.7: Keep your compound neat 

If you are doing work outdoors, do not leave your ladder, toolbox or gardening tools unattended. These tools could give burglars easy access to your home.

These seven tips are a great place to start when securing your home. However, security is never a done deal. So it is good practice to always look for ways you can improve security at your home with the latest gear. 

Visit to learn more about Smart Home Cover or other home insurance solutions provided by Allianz General.  

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