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First aid skill is a must-have for the Disaster Emergency Response Team. It is a life-saving skill that is necessary in case of any life threatening emergencies.      

Following the Company’s efforts to create a Disaster Emergency Response Team, Allianz Malaysia has embarked on a commitment to provide the necessary training for its employees. The one-day training was conducted on 15 June 2016 by Ravi Shankar, a trainer from Malaysian Red Crescent Society for 14 Allianz employees at Wisma Allianz in Kuala Lumpur.

“Knowing First Aid is a plus for anyone and we are very keen on providing this training for our employees, especially for those who volunteer to be part of the Disaster Emergency Response Team,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

This introductory course had two different sessions. During the first half of the day, participants learned the theory on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques as well as the different types of wound and fracture.

Participants then had a hands-on experience where they attempted the CPR techniques they learned on a dummy. They were also taught how to apply bandages on wounds and fractured limbs. Subsequently, participants learned how to properly perform a chest thrust and abdominal thrust on a choking person.

By the end of the session, all participants sat for an exam to be certified with an Introduction to First Aid course. 

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