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How many times have you set a New Year’s resolution to get fit or eat healthy but end up never really achieving it 12 months later? Well fret not, Allianz Malaysia is giving you a resolution lifeline with the #AllianzDare2bHealthy campaign.

The campaign which was launched on 6 May 2016 during a three-day on-ground activation event (6 - 8 May 2016)  at Ground Floor of Nu Sentral in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, garnered a total of 216 entries. The campaign will now continue online until 23 May 2016.  

To join the campaign, click ‘like’ Allianz Malaysia’s Facebook page or follow Allianz Malaysia on Instagram. Next, consult the A-Z Exercise Chart and determine the three exercises you have to perform according to the first three-letters of your name. Get someone to record you doing those three exercises and state your resolution at the end of it.  Next, upload the video onto your Facebook or Instagram page with the following #AllianzDate2BHealthy and #DareTo and tag three brave friends to dare them to join the campaign.

The three entries with the most worthy resolution that can be life changing will be chosen to embark on the full campaign where each entrant will be assisted to help them fulfil their be-healthy resolution. At the end of six months, the results will be revealed in a follow-up video on Facebook.  

“Healthy living means making healthier choices in everything we do. From the food we eat to how we spend our Saturday mornings or chosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator. With the #AllianzDare2bHealthy campaign, we want to help you make a conscious effort in getting healthy. Your resolution could be anything from eating clean to lose 10kg or training to compelete your first full-marathon,” said Joannica Dass, Head of Corporate Communication of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

“Allianz has alsways been big on offering simply the best value for customers and delivering its promise to Malaysians. This time we want to help Malaysians deliver on the promise them made to themselves by achieving their resolutions. The #AllianzDare2bHealthy campaign is open all those aged 18 and above, with a creative mind and a go-getter attitude. So this is your chance to say, ‘I achieved my resolution’,” added Joannica.  

To find out more about the #AllianzDare2bHealthy campaign, visit the Allianz Malaysia’s Facebook page at or Instagram page at Terms and conditions apply.