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Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Life) is offering Malaysians a chance to earn some passive income through its Friends of Allianz programme. 

Friends of Allianz is a referral programme in which participants can earn an uncapped potential income based on referral fees that are 100 percent risk-free. All one needs to do is sign up for the programme, wait to be paired up with an Allianz Life agent, and start referring potential clients to their agent. For each successful recommendation, participants will earn a referral fee.
Allianz Life Chief Sales Officer, Ong Pin Hean, said the programme has garnered close to 6,000 participants so far and is a great way to introduce the Company’s product and services to the public. 

“People often perceive insurance as a bleak topic. Nobody ever talks about having adequate medical coverage or buying life insurance openly. They usually put it off or sweep it under the rug completely. Our hope with the Friends of Allianz programme is to get people talking about insurance, to help them get started, and while you are at it, make some passive income for yourself too,” said Ong. 

The programme does not have requirements such as needing to sit for an examination or having minimum education qualifications. Ong also said that the Company took extra steps to create a programme that is fairly simple and fully-digitised from registration to referral and payment so that referrals can be made anytime, anywhere. 

On top of that, Ong also believes the Friends of Allianz programme will be a positive experience for those considering a career as an insurance agent. 

“We always remind our agents that their purpose is to simultaneously affect change in three areas – their own lives, the life of their loved ones, and the lives of their customers and their community. It is important that we pay it forward and create value where and when it matters. Now you can do that by being a part of Friends of Allianz,” added Ong.  

Besides the attractive referral fees, other incentives available through the Friends of Allianz programme include being able to redeem Allianz Malaysia Berhad premium items and travel incentives, as well as qualifying for a lucky draw. 

To sign up or learn more about the Friends of Allianz programme, visit  

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