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Focus on healthy living during MCO Each one of us have different ways of coping with the Movement Control Order (MCO). Malaysians confined to staying at home have dealt with being idle, bored or anxious by baking sweet treats, making short-form videos, indulging in movie marathons and bingeing on snacks while waiting for the other shoe to drop.
Diabetes affects close to 3.6 million Malaysians and more worryingly, those with pre-existing chronic diseases such as diabetes might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad Chief Product Officer, Ooi Haw Yun, says it’s time to kick your new–found habits to the curb and focus on putting your health first.
“Your health is an asset. Start making small changes to your lifestyle today. You will definitely thank yourself for maintaining a healthy physique, mind and dietary habit!” said Haw Yun.
Go slow on all those salty and sweet foods
Don’t buy into unhealthy crazes. While the MCO is a good opportunity to indulge in guilty pleasures, cue the Dalgona coffee craze. Always remember, everything in moderation. So slow down on the sweet and salty snacks.
Watch out for sudden feeling of nausea, muscle tremors, vision loss or headaches. The possibility of getting high blood pressure and diabetes, especially after MCO, could actually happen! In this case it is always good to have medical protection such as Allianz Life’s MediSafe Infinite+ and Allianz Diabetic Essential to protect you financially should you be hospitalised for these chronic illnesses.
Keep moving and stay active

For those who work from home, you literally walk 10 steps to your new ‘work desk’ and stay there for the next eight hours. Then, you might probably end your day binge watching TV series or playing video games until the wee hours in the morning. Stop! 
Try and get some exercise. Start with 30 minutes of yoga or some stretching or light exercises to engage your muscles and build from that. You can find videos online on simple exercises that you can do at home. Remember: Don’t push too hard and always respect your body and its limits. 
Healthy mind, healthy life
Being idle can cause the mind to spiral into dark places and trigger anxiety-related responses like palpitations or hyperventilation. If you feel boxed-in, go to a space that makes you feel free, or better, spend some time in the garden or the balcony of your apartment for some fresh air. Keep your mind active. Learn a language, take up gardening or a new hobby, redecorate a room or finish that book you started last year.
For more information on MediSafe Infinite+ and Allianz Diabetic Essential, visit and

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