Event Highlights: Reimagine Your Medical Choices Forum 2019


In 2019, Allianz organised the Reimagine Your Medical Choices Forum, focused on addressing viable options in treatment, protection and care available when facing cancer. Six industry experts shared their knowledge for a holistic approach towards understanding the landscape of cancer care in Malaysia.

The forum was introduced as an extension of Allianz's commitment towards affecting positive change in cancer care in Malaysia. Allianz also shared two protection solutions against cancer: MediSafe Infinite+ and Allianz Cancer Protect.

MediSafe Infinite+ is a primary medical rider for Allianz PowerLink that offers extensive cancer coverage which allows customers to gain access to new medical technology in cancer treatment such as genomic testing, targeted therapy, hormonal therapy and immunotherapy. In addition to that, there is access to Global Expert Medical Opinion (GEMO) as well as high overall annual limit and no overall lifetime limit. The coverage is available across seven plans ranging from Plan 150 (overall Annual Limit of RM850,000) to Plan 500 (overall Annual Limit of RM2,500,000).

Allianz Cancer Protect offers Malaysians financial flexibility in managing cancer diagnosis. Coverage A offers 200 percent of the Insured Amount upon approval of the claim. Coverage B offers Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit. After receiving the claim approval and payout of the first 100 percent of Insured Amount, an Indemnification Period of 36 months shall start. The Insured Person can choose to either receive an additional 100 percent of Insured Amount (after which the Policy shall be subsequently terminated) or activate the Overseas Medical Treatment Benefit (up to Annual Limit of USD2 million and Overall Limit of USD4 million).