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Your heart is the most hardworking muscle in your body, with 80 beats per minute on average despite only being the size of your clenched fist. And still, most of us are guilty of not give it the love and attention it needs.

The “3 highs” - high cholesterol, high blood pressure or a high Body Mass Index (BMI) – poses a real threat to your heart and could put you at risk for illness including cardiovascular disease.  In fact, the Health Statistics 2014 and National Cardiovascular Database  revealed that one in four heart attack patients were below the age of 50 and that nearly half of them have three or more cardiovascular risk factors with 77 percent being obese, 65 percent having high blood pressure, and 46 percent having diabetes.1   

So, start caring for your heart now. Here are some simple tips on how you can start getting your heart healthy again: 

Move it! 
If you can’t run, then jog. If you can’t jog, then swim. Basically, just get active. You will find that keeping fit will get your heart rate up and keep stress levels down. So, keep moving! 

Eat right
Portion control, healthy fats, and a balanced meal. So the next time you are ordering your food, ask for a smaller portion, be selective of what you put on your plate and make sure there is plenty of colour – and include lots of leafy greens!  

Catch those Zs
Sleep is key to recharging your batteries and keeping your heart healthy. So sleep the recommended six hours a day. Besides that, studies have also shown that sleep gained before midnight are the most beneficial to health.

Say “tak nak” to smoking
They’ve said it. You know it. Smoking kills. So snuff that bud before it’s too late and give your heart a new lease of life. Your heart will love you for it!

Apart from taking care of your heart, getting adequate medical coverage is equally important. Allianz offers two products that care for heart-related illnesses. 

PrimeCare is a unique protection plan that provides comprehensive coverage against critical illnesses from Early to Advanced stage, while Allianz 3H Cover offers a lifeline to those currently experiencing these “3 Highs” - high cholesterol, high blood pressure or a high Body Mass Index (BMI).  Both products provide coverage against critical illnesses including heart-related ailments such as heart attack. 

To learn more about Prime Care and Allianz 3H Cover,  and 


[1] Young Malaysians are getting heart disease, here’s why it’s worrying (, 7 August 2016) 

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