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ANB Agro Trainers and The Picha Project are set to take on eight other social entrepreneurs from Brazil, Germany and Turkey to win a €40,000 grant (approximately RM 191,379) courtesy of the Investment Ready Programme (IRP) 'Encouraging Future Generations' initiated by Allianz Group and Impact Hub. 

The IRP aims to support social enterprises in pursuit of social inclusion. From Malaysia, ANB Agro Trainers, a professional agro training academy focusing on holistic human capital building and The Picha Project which empowers underserved communities through a sustainable food catering and delivery business, were chosen from five shortlisted ventures following a two-and-a-half weeks of selection process. 

Allianz Malaysia held a kick-off event at the Head Office on 18 January 2018, where representatives from both the enterprises took part in a casual networking session with their mentors from Allianz Malaysia – Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad’s Chief Executive Officer, Joseph Gross and Allianz Malaysia Board member, Goh Ching Yin. 

“ANB Agro Trainers and The Picha Project are two home-grown social enterprises that ticked all the boxes of the IRP requirements. Allianz Malaysia is beyond thrilled to have these enterprises on board. Not only do we get to work with young Malaysians who want to change the world, but as an organisation, we get to see the world through different eyes and learn from each other,” said Gross.

 “The ventures have been carefully assessed by a panel jury and are deemed ready for acceleration, Goh and I are proud to take on a mentorship role in helping these enterprises grow and succeed even further. This was a great session where we were able to have an exchange of ideas, sharing our insights and business acumen as we discuss development plans and programme milestones,” added Gross. 

Dr Shariha Khalid, Chief Executive Officer of Impact Hub Kuala Lumpur said: “Impact Hub KL is proud to support the two ventures who are representing Malaysia in this global programme collaboration with Allianz Malaysia. The Picha Project and ANB Agro Trainers are pushing the envelope for social inclusion and creation of economic livelihoods for populations that are marginalised in our society. They have commenced their tailored mentorship and coaching programme and will be attending the Academy I boot camp in Munich in the first week of February to help them become investment-ready. We look forward to following their progress."

Since January, the ventures have embarked on a six-month acceleration programme. The next stage will see the ventures attending the Academy I between 5 and 9 February 2018 in Munich, Germany, where they will be introduced to impact investment, review of their business model and financial planning. Academy II will be held between 13 and 14 June 2018 in Munich and will pit the entrepreneurial teams in a working session where the teams will prepare for an investor pitch. 

The final Impact Investor Day + Allianz Future Generations Award event will follow on 15 June 2018 where the teams will be given the chance to pitch their growth and investment plan in front of a panel jury to win the €40,000 grant. 

Learn more about the Malaysia’s two social enterprises by visiting their websites- ANB Agro Trainers ( and The Picha Project (

The Investment Ready Programme is a startup acceleration programme which was originally developed by Impact Hub Vienna ( in 2011 and expanded to Impact Hub Amsterdam ( in 2014. Within the last 6 years, it has helped over 80  purpose driven organisations in Europe to become fit for investment.


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