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Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad officially launched its' Allianz Road Rangers today. 

The Allianz Road Rangers is part of the Company’s motor claims transformation journey that aims to truly put its customers first. The new journey features seven touch points including a new 24-Hours Accident Call Centre, the Allianz Road Rangers fleet and Claims Concierge ensuring that customers experience an easy, seamless journey when making an accident claim.  

“If you have ever been in a road accident and your car has got to be towed. You know what happens next. And you are dreading it – the stress, the wait, the long-drawn process.  So, we are changing it all with the launch of our Allianz Road Rangers.  Each of the seven new touch-points introduced truly offers our customer a service with a meaningful difference,” said Zakri Khir, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Malaysia Berhad and Allianz General. 

“Our customers have always been our priority. So, from the moment you make the accident call, we will be with you every step of the way – offering assistance in getting your vehicle to the police station, making your report, getting your vehicle to our authorised panel repairers and delivering it back to you.  This is us humanising our service and making a difference in your motor claims journey,” added Zakri.  

Currently servicing the Klang Valley, the Allianz Road Rangers have already been called into action since 3 January 2017. As a result of the transformation, the seven new touch points are:


24-hours Accident Call Center
All road accident calls and SOSs will converge at the newly set up Accident Call Centre.  

Allianz Road Rangers: Bike brigade 
A team of 20 bike brigadiers, the First Respond Unit will be the first to the scene when a call is received. The brigadier will provide bottled water and first aid assistance (if needed) and will accompany the customer until the tow truck arrives.

Allianz Road Rangers: Tow trucks 
The fleet is made up of 15 exclusively-branded state-of-the-art tow trucks, each equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS); Closed-circuit televisions (CCTV) located on both rears, inside the cabin and in front of the vehicle;  a pre-installed voice recorder in the cabin; dolly wheel; jumper booster; and air pump. The tow truck operators will be responsible for towing the customer's vehicle to the police station (to lodge a police report) and later Allianz Authorised Panel Repairer or to a franchise workshop upon request. 

Claims Concierge 
Allianz Claims Concierge will be based in major police stations to accompany customers in lodging the police report and explaining the claims process in detail.   

Transportation services
Selected ride-sharing services will be provided for passengers to be ferried from the accident site and back to their home (within the specified distance). 

Allianz Motor ODX Claims
Eligible Own Damage (OD) claims are assessed and given a vehicle repair cost via a Straight-through process without human intervention anywhere between 10 minutes to one hour. 

Vehicle Delivery
Customers will have an option to have their repaired vehicle delivered to their home, office or preferred location (within the specific distance) instead of having to collect it from the workshop.


The Allianz motor claims transformation began last September with the launch of the Allianz Motor ODX Claims and culminates with the launch of the Allianz Road Rangers today.

An industry-first, the Motor ODX Claims was introduced to improve Allianz’s claims process. Now, with Allianz Motor ODX Claims, eligible Own Damage (OD) claims now go through a series of rules integrated into a backend system allowing claims which previously took about three to five days to be approved to be completed from anywhere between 10 minutes to one hour. 

To find out more about the new Allianz Road Rangers service, visit the Allianz Malaysia corporate website at or contact the Allianz Customer Service Associates or by email at

In an event of an accident, Allianz motor customers should call 1800 22 5542 which will be channeled to Allianz 24-hours Accident Call Center.