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Allianz PremierLink

Your Love for Them Never Has to End.

Product Info

Allianz PremierLink offers a plan that can help stretch your ringgit to protect yourself and the people who rely on you. It features a high sum assured of a minimum RM500,000 at affordable premiums to suit your financial situation.

  • High death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage.
  • Flexible coverage term to suit your financial situation.
  • Pay-out of both the coverage amount and the balance in the investment account in the event of death or TPD.


Additional Benefits 

  • Top-up your premium as and when you like to maximise your investment value, where 95% of the amount will be allocated for investment (minimum ad hoc top-up is RM500).
  • Receive the balance in your investment account (if any) when you surrender your policy or when your policy matures.
  • Switch between funds as and when you like to suit your investment goals and needs. 


Allianz PremierLink Series is a plan with affordable premiums to protect you and everything that matters to you.

With this plan, you will have peace of mind knowing that you and your family are financially protected from life’s unexpected events.

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