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Allianz Malaysia’s agent recruitment system has gone digital following the launch of its new Recruiting Monitoring Form Digital (RMFD) app. 

Launched earlier this month, the RMFD app is a combination of a scheduling assistant and Rolodex that works 24/7. The app is a web-based application which allows the Company’s life insurance agent to collate and manage their own recruitment drive. 

The app is accessible through all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone – and on several internet browsers, providing agents a flexible platform for fast, easy and frictionless management of recruitment initiatives. Allianz Life currently has an agency force of 4,367. 

“As an insurer, we want to attract quality agents to be part of our workforce. One way to achieve this is by enabling digital transformations that will serve the needs of our agents and improve the nature of their job.  In re-thinking our recruitment strategy, we came up with the Recruiting Monitoring Form Digital, a one-stop shop that will cater to our agents and all their recruitment needs,” said Elias Wahidi, Head of Agency Transformation at Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Life).

The app’s features include an agent profile page, contact list in which you can schedule meetings, recruitment report to gauge the prospects’ receptiveness, and a progress chart.  

“Now our agents can save precious time and say goodbye to the conventional recruitment method and tedious paperwork.  Agents can key in their prospect’s contact details, set up meetings and later determine the outcome of the meeting by indicating if the prospect was cold, warm or hot. This way, they can easily plan and manage their recruiting activities on the go at any given time,” added Elias.

Interested in becoming an agent with Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad? Email your contact details to or just walk into any Allianz branch to register your interest.

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