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Allianz Malaysia’s initiative to assist agents in engaging with their customers through social media continues to receive positive response. The project, launched by Allianz just over a year ago, has grown and expanded, boasting a connected online community of digital savvy agents and customers alike.


The project assists agents in reaching out to customers through the creation of Facebook business pages. These pages not only include recommended articles, but also pictures and videos relating to current topics related to the industry. This project already a success in several other entities in Europe, is now proving to be the same in Malaysia.


Allianz Malaysia’s general and life insurance entities now have a total of 45 agents managing their business pages on social media. As of 5 September 2015 these agents collectively have 7,183 fans. Furthermore, there have been a total of 4,677 published posts on their Facebook pages. These numbers are only growing; proving that social media engagement within and outside the community is on the up and will continue to rise.


“We’re very happy with the progress of this project. It has enabled us to bridge the gap between agents and customers and humanise insurance. By using digital offerings to complement and improve our existing operations, a stronger relationship is created between an agent and a customer. Therefore social media undeniably acts as a powerful communication tool that supports us in making this relationship more efficient and effective on a day to day basis” said Rangam Bir, CEO of Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd.


The uniqueness of this project also means that customers have an efficient way in looking for agents to represent their needs. Imagine that now, customers would already have access to the agent’s business page, gauge the suitability of the agent to represent their needs based on the information they can gather on the platform and take it from there. And it truly doesn’t get any better than this.