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Allianz Malaysia conducted road safety and financial literacy classes in two schools this week. The classes were held on 25 and 26 October 2016 at SK Sokor and SK Tebing Tinggi respectively.

Students from the schools participated in classes under Allianz’s internally-developed road safety educational programme and in its financial literacy programme - My Finance Coach. Over the two days, a total of 166 students from Standard 1 to 4 learned about staying safe on the roads, whereas 136 students from Standard 5 to 6 learned about prudent money habits.

The road safety educational programme focused on three main topics, namely pedestrian safety, vehicle safety and knowledge of basic road signs. These were taught using various activities such as quizzes, educational videos, puzzles and games. Students received Road Safety Tips booklets and reflective wristbands with the message “Be Safe, Be Seen”, and each school also received a Road Safety Tips Puzzle to be used as a teaching tool in further road safety lessons.

Apart from teaching good habits to young road users, Allianz also works to promote good financial habits in young consumers through its My Finance Coach programme.

The My Finance Coach classes on the other hand focused on the topic of ‘Shopping’, where students learned about differentiating between needs and wants, recognising tools used in advertisements and about the different buying criteria that influence consumers’ decision-making.

“Through these programmes, we hope to cultivate good habits among the students from a young age to support their development into responsible adults,” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good at Allianz Malaysia.

“The classes in these schools are particularly meaningful for our volunteers, as we have built up a good relationship with the local community ever since our first engagement in 2014 when our Allianz employees volunteered to clean up SK Tebing Tinggi, which had been severely affected by the flood,” she concluded.