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Allianz Malaysia garnered 223 pints of blood and secured 32 organ pledges during its annual blood donation and organ pledge campaign recently.

The campaign was held at the Head Office (18 September), UTC Kota Bharu (26 September) and Aeon Bukit Raja (28 September) through collaboration with the National Blood Centre (PDN) and the National Transplant Resource Centre.
“Blood procured from blood donation campaigns constitute 73 percent of the blood in various blood banks  and Allianz Malaysia is glad to be a part of that percentage through our annual blood donation and organ pledge campaign,” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good, Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

The Company’s Head Office accounted for the highest count of successful blood donors with a total of 99 blood donors and 17 pledges for organ donation. This was followed by the Klang Branch with 78 successful blood donors and 15 organ pledges, while the Kota Bharu branch recorded 48 successful blood donors.  

“The National Blood Centre ideally needs five donation drives in a year to ensure that the stock is continuously replenished . So, we hope that this campaign would raise more awareness and lead more Malaysians to donate blood regularly to PDN or any participating hospital. As blood donors, you are a hero to someone, somewhere, who has been graced with the gift of life through your good deed,” added Siew Gek.

Visit the National Blood Centre’s official website and the National Transplant Resource Centre’s official website to check your donor eligibility.

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