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Allianz Malaysia Berhad recently teamed up with Build for Tomorrow to give United Learning Centre (ULC), a volunteer-driven boarding school to over 60 children of Myanmar refugees, an eco-efficient makeover.

As part of Wild Asia’s sustainable building initiative, Build for Tomorrow provides community-focused solutions. They conducted an energy audit at ULC and provided the centre with a home energy retrofit plan that would cut their electricity bills by 30 percent and slash their water bills by 50 percent. 

“For volunteer centres such as the ULC, keeping operating cost down is crucial. The whole idea behind this project was not just to lower their utility bills, but to also improve the overall living conditions at the centre. At ULC, these children have access to education despite their parents’ refugee status. So we just wanted to make sure that they had a comfortable and conducive learning environment,” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good for Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

The makeover included the installation of new fittings such as insulation panels in the ceilings of two classrooms and gable vents to increase efficiency of building heat management, energy efficient lighting and tap aerators to reduce water consumption. Besides that, vents in the bedroom were also fitted with mosquito screens, and a water purifier was provided to ensure that the students would have dependable access to clean drinking water. The children and volunteers also participated in an awareness program about saving resources. 

Allianz Malaysia has worked with Build for Tomorrow on various other projects including building the first Earthship in Malaysia. One of Build for Tomorrow’s expertise is resource-efficiency consulting which focuses on maximising the efficiency of resources that are used to help clients to reduce consumption, environmental impact, and overall operating costs. 

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