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Allianz Malaysia recently held a Flood Preparedness Programme together with Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR) for the community around Tanah Merah, Kelantan.  

The initiative, which was held at Sekolah Kebangsaan Tebing Tinggi on 16 November and Sekolah Kebangsaan Sokor on 17 November, was attended by over 264 residents of the area.  

In recent years, the East Coast has been subject to increasing flood occurrences during the rainy season, with Kelantan experiencing large-scale flooding in 2014. This year, with the arrival of the monsoon season the first wave of flood has already hit Rantau Panjang. 

Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good of Allianz Malaysia Berhad said: “We know stormy days are ahead of us and it is important for us to continuously reach out to the community to prepare and educate them about the hazards of flood and how to stay safe throughout until aid is provided. Through our joint initiative with MISAR, we are hoping to reach out to as many high-risk flood areas to help them be better prepared and flood-ready.”  

During the programme, the residents in the area were briefed on flood safety readiness, learning the precautionary steps that should be taken before, during and after a flood and were also shown a demonstration of correct methods to evacuate elderly or injured people during a flood.  

Besides that, Allianz Malaysia also gave away solar powered emergency lamps to all the participants, whilst the first 50 to sign-up for the programme also received a reflective windbreaker. On top of that, three participants from each location also walked away with an all-paid-for Allianz KampungKu home insurance policy courtesy of a lucky draw.

What to pack in an emergency kit
When encountering a disaster such as flood, it’s important that you have an emergency kit at the ready. And here, Allianz Malaysia shares its insights with you on what should be included in an Emergency Kit: 
1. Water - one gallon per person (per day, for a minimum of three days)
2. Food - non-perishable, enough for three days. Take along a can opener for tinned food
3. Torchlight
4. Extra batteries
5. First aid kit
6. Medications (at least a 7-day supply) and bring along prescriptions too 
7. Multipurpose tool
8. Sanitation and personal hygiene items
9. Copies of personal documents. If saved on a USB stick, keep it in a zip-lock bag 
10. Cell phone with chargers and power bank
11. Family, family doctor and emergency contact information
12. Extra cash

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