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Allianz Malaysia encouraged their employees to let their green flag fly by organising three in-house events centered on the environment in support of Earth Day which is celebrated on 22 April.

The Company kicked-off their initiative with an eco-film screening which highlights the issues of overconsumption and poor waste management. The screening took place at the Head Office in Menara Allianz Sentral on 8 April. 

In addition to that, the Company also gave away a pair of metal straws complete with a straw brush to all of its 2,100 employees nationwide. The giveaway on 17 April was part of the Company’s drive to get employees to ‘say no to straws’. The metal straw set came complete with a note reminding the employees of the turtle video which went viral in 2015 and message advocating that ‘a straw-less ocean is our mission’. 

On 18 April, the Company organised its final event, a sharing session titled ‘Plastic Free Talk’ by Mareena Yahya, the co-founder of Sampah-Menyampah. Sampah-Menyampah is a group dedicated to spreading sustainable ideas and concepts on zero-waste lifestyle and during the session, participants were not allowed to attend the talk with any type of single-use plastic objects.  

 “The topic of environment has always been close to our hearts at Allianz Malaysia. By bringing awareness to employees, we hope that they will become our ambassadors and spread the knowledge to their family and friends. This eventually will create a ripple of positive impact on the environment,” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good for Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

Moving forward, an eco-audit briefing will be conducted for appointed employees from each department as a follow up to the energy efficiency measures implemented in the Head Office, wherein employees will be the key drivers to ensure its effectiveness in reducing the Company’s energy consumption.

Allianz Malaysia has been implementing various ‘Go Green’ initiatives since late last year, starting with its paperless concept in business related matters. The Company also actively encourages employees to give suggestions called ‘Green Suggestions’ on environmentally friendly ideas that the Company can implement. 

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