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Flooding is one of the most commonly occurring natural catastrophes in the world. This year, the country has been hit by many flood incidents especially in Terengganu, Kelantan, Perak, Sabah and Pahang with some even claiming lives of people. However, the recent flood situation in the East Coast region is one of the worst the country has faced thus far.

As an insurer, Allianz Malaysia understands that the dilemma faced by those affected by floods and is creating claims awareness to customers who are victims of the flood as well as providing aid measures for the general public who are affected by the flood.  

“Flooding raises a serious concern. We have seen our customers and even our own employees going through a flood situation, and it is certainly not easy.  As a responsible corporate citizen, it is our duty not just as insurers but as a community  to help as many people as possible in this most difficult time,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.

In order to ease the burden of Malaysians affected in the floods, Allianz Malaysia has taken steps in preparing to handle the volume of claims in an efficient and effective manner. The Company has been analysing and learning from previous experiences while providing risk improvement recommendations as mitigation measures to further improve its services for its customers in handling flood claims. To date, 452 flood notifications have been received and this number will rise significantly as communication and access to the affected areas have now been restored.

“For a start, people are advised to look into their insurance policies and check that their motor and home insurance policies come with flood extensions. If there is an existing insurance coverage, then these losses can be compensated for and this helps those affected to recover steadily from their losses and getting them back on their feet,” said Zakri.

People should also remember to contact their insurers; whether their agent, the nearest insurance branch or the Head Office as soon as possible after a property has been damaged. They are also advised to mark the water-level and keep records of all the damages, receipts and take photos wherever possible. These measures will speed up the claims process for the customers. 

“We will send adjusters immediately to the site when customers contact us on their flood claims. Where possible, the payment will be made directly to the insured to help them decide on how the payment can be utilised.  As insurers, the least we could do for our customers is to provide something for them to sustain and fall back on without being too burdened with what they are already going through,” continued Zakri. 

Besides these efforts, Allianz Malaysia is also waiving the excess of RM200 for claims under the Houseowner / Householder policies. To further ease policyholders’ burdens, the Company has also waived the reinstatement proviso under the Reinstatement Value Clause under the said policies. Allianz Malaysia has also made an arrangement with its panel of adjusters; a set of initiatives to ensure that claims can be settled as fast as within five days.

At the same time, Allianz Malaysia has also provided a helping hand in aiding the flood victims. These include a donation drive on necessities such as food, clothes and sanitary aid as well as sending employees who volunteer to clean up flood affected homes in Malacca and schools in Kelantan. Apart from these, Allianz Malaysia collaborated with the Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association (“MVFRA”) to purchase, pack and transport flood relief items, with employees volunteering in this process. Meanwhile, Allianz Malaysia’s life insurance agency channel called for contribution in kind from agents to be channelled through MFRVA. 

Allianz Malaysia customers can contact 1-300-88-1028 to find out more about their insurance coverage. For customers whose vehicles are affected by the flood, they can call the 24 hours Allianz Roadside Assistance toll free line at 1-800-886-278 or land line at 03-21613960 or by using the Auto Assist smartphone application. The public can also keep up to date about flood warnings in their area at or call the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia’s Careline at 1-300-80-1010.