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Allianz Malaysia is in a patriotic mood and will be giving away customised tumblers inscribed with the words “Happy Merdeka Malaysia- 61 years” to customers at the Allianz@Sentral and Allianz Arena Customer Service offices until 16 September 2018. As part of the Allianz Day celebrations, some of Allianz Malaysia’s senior management met and greeted customers during the event which coincides with the upcoming Hari Merdeka (31 August) and Malaysia Day (16 September). “They say that life starts at 60 and that could not be more true about our dear beloved country. The essence of this new Malaysia is invigorating - a nation whose people are  bold, smart and showing positive changes in mindset. We hope that with this simple gesture of ours, we will encourage reflection and appreciation towards Malaysia for all that the nation was, is and will be. Let us remember that when we stand together, there is nothing that can break us. And to all Malaysians, Allianz wishes you Selamat Hari Merdeka and Happy Malaysia Day,”said Farop Sharif, Head of Customer Advocacy.  

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