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In building resilient communities, Allianz Malaysia Berhad has equipped SK Tebing Tinggi in Tanah Merah, Kelantan with a solar power generation system and water filtration systems to ensure they can provide a safe haven for evacuees in an event of a flood.


The Company engaged Wild Asia for this pilot project to deliver 20 water filters and replacement cartridges (ceramic domes) to the school last December followed by the installation of the solar panels in March 2017. As the designated flood evacuation centre for the Kampung Tebing Tinggi community, the school sheltered close to 550 evacuees out of the 2000 that were affected during the East Coast flood in 2014. 

“We aspire to build resilient communities in Malaysia and SK Tebing Tinggi stood out for us after we assisted the school during the severe flood back in 2015. Having worked closely with the school, we realised that their main issues were the lack of clean drinking water and electricity during the monsoon period. The solar power generation system will be most useful for the school as power grid is often cut off during the flood,” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good.

The 20 water filtration systems at the school have the capacity to filter up to a combined 100,000 litres of water before a replacement of the cartridges (ceramic domes) are needed.  The solar power generation system has the capacity to power eight 10 Watt LED lights for six hours and power plugs to charge telephones and laptops for five hours as well as a backup energy system to supply electricity for up to 72 hours.

“Not only is solar power the most viable source for the area, it also offers the best benefits of being able to provide lighting during an emergency and a power source to run the evacuation centre in case of a flood. The solar power generation system can also be utilised on a day-to-day basis which would help the school be more energy-efficient and lower their electricity consumption,” added Siew Gek.  

In 2015, SK Tebing Tinggi was the first school to benefit from Allianz Malaysia’s community project towards supporting vulnerable communities to help them adapt and effectively cope with natural disasters. In 2016, the Company continued its efforts,  contributing water filtration systems and tarpaulin tents to SK Sokor, another flood-affected school in Tanah Merah, Kelantan, and to Orang Asli communities residing in Gua Musang.

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