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Allianz Malaysia Berhad brought 40 children on a fun visit to the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum and Art Gallery on 22 March 2017 in conjunction with Global Money Week 2017 celebration. 

Themed “Learn. Save. Earn”, Global Money Week, held this year from 27 March to 
2 April, is celebrated worldwide by more than 13,000 organisations in 132 countries. 
Coordinated and led by Child and Youth Finance International (CYFI), a non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, Global Money Week celebration aims to raise awareness on financial education and to empower the next generation to be confident, responsible and financially savvy citizens.
“At Allianz Malaysia, financial literacy is one of our core corporate responsibility initiatives. Apart from carrying out our own financial literacy programme, My Finance Coach, in schools all year round, being part of Global Money Week over the last four years has enabled us to highlight the importance of financial education among young people and build in some fun elements around the topic. This year, we were able to invite 30 children from Yayasan Chow Kit home and 10 children from SHELTER Home aged between nine and 13 years old for a fun visit to the museum to learn about money and its origins,” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good of Allianz Malaysia. 

During the visit, the children attended a talk on “Currency Education Programme", which was presented by the Currency Operation Management Department of BNM. This was followed by a guided tour around the museum and all its six galleries. 

Beginning with the Children’s Gallery, the children enjoyed interactive games and activities and also learnt how to make banknotes. At the Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery, Islamic Finance Gallery and Economics Gallery, the children were able to witness the history of Bank Negara Malaysia, explore Islamic concepts of commerce and Malaysia’s financial systems. The children were also able to discover the history of money at the Numismatic Gallery and were treated to a special exhibition - Norma Abbas: A Colourful Journey to a Promise Exhibition at the Art Gallery.

“Through this Global Money Week event, we hope to raise awareness and instil an interest in young people on the topic of financial management. Many young adults these days are struggling with large amounts of debt which affects their development and well-being. We hope that through our initiatives we are able to encourage children to develop a keen sense of money management and sound financial habits from a young age,” added Siew Gek. 

Since 2012, Allianz Malaysia has implemented My Finance Coach, a financial literacy programme founded in Germany in 2010 by partner companies Allianz, Grey and McKinsey aimed at improving the money management skills of young people. The programme has since reached over 9,500 students in 97 schools and non-profit organisations. 

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