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In conjunction with its efforts to promote personal safety, particularly women’s safety,

Allianz Malaysia held its 24th Crime Prevention and Survival Skills (“REACT”) 

programme at branch level for its employees, agents, business partners and 

customers on 5 August 2015 at the La Hotel in Tawau, Sabah. The REACT 

programme aims to create awareness and to equip men and women with some 

preventive measures and basic safety defence and survival skills to protect 

themselves and their families from the threat of crime.   

Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad’s Area Manager for Tawau, 

Lahad Datu and Sandakan, Lee Kin Meng said, “Today, we find news reports that 

crime and violence is prevalent - from robberies, murders, snatch thefts, rape and 

domestic violence.  We see many men, women and children affected and deeply 

scarred by these tragedies that should never happen to them. We may not be able to 

completely stop the perpetrators, but as a responsible corporate citizen, we should 

work together to combat crime. With this in mind, the programme was organised by 

Allianz Malaysia to raise awareness of crime prevention and survival skills amongst 

members of the community.” 

The event started in the afternoon with a speech by Lee. Later, the Programme 

Trainer, Captain Bala, a safety activist and emergency survival trainer delivered his 

programme on crime prevention and survival skills. He spoke about crime patterns 

based on Malaysian case studies, which was indeed eye-opening. At the end of the 

programme, the employees, agents, business partners and customers also shared 

about how the programme has provided them a better view of crime, how it works 

and how one can safeguard himself/herself when faced with danger.

“At Allianz Malaysia, we take safety seriously. We first embarked on road safety 

initiatives in 2011 and later, on crime prevention in 2012. In 2013, we launched the 

Women’s Safety Awareness Campaign to the general public in Kuala Lumpur and a 

university. The REACT programme is also held at the Head Office and branch level 

for employees, agents, business partners and customers, where they can learn about 

crime patterns based on Malaysian case studies and modus operandi. The 

programme emphasises how to detect, overcome and survive a crime situation. The 

same will be taught and learnt here today,” continued Lee.

Allianz Malaysia will continue its efforts to create awareness on safety by organising 

programme like this to raise the level of awareness among employees, agents, 

business partners, customers and general public.