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Mankind exists in different layers, with those layers come a variation of character, physique, and abilities. Nelson Mendela once said that a brilliant and exciting future belongs to all including people with disabilities. 

 Allianz Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Malaysia), has long embraced the colorful and broad spectrum of people that walk through our doors, be it employees, agents or customers. The Company maintains equality and diversity in every aspect of work including employing People with Disabilities (PWDs).  

Allianz4Good (AZ4G) the Company’s Corporate Responsibility Department, works hard to give underserved communities enough exposure to the masses. AZ4G’s efforts to bring awareness to discriminated groups have reached 40, 000 beneficiaries that include the underserved community, elderly, and many more ranging from the Peninsular to East Malaysia. 

“In Allianz Malaysia, we embrace social inclusion in many ways and reach out to underserved communities through various initiatives, with one being the hiring and integration of People with Disabilities (PWDs) in the Allianz workforce since 2015.  Another way in which we have shown support for the PWD community is through our funding for Abilympics, a skill based competition for PWDs since 2015. 

Besides that, we have also supported other marginalised communities such as the Orang Asli community as well as refugee children residing in Malaysia.” said Ng Siew Gek, Head of Allianz4Good at Allianz Malaysia.   

In conjunction with Zero Discrimination day on the 1st of March, Allianz Malaysia chose to support the underserved communities and spread awareness about them on Allianz Malaysia’s social media pages; Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

The Company’s Human Resources Department is happy to report that it has a total of 23 PWD employees in Allianz Malaysia who are attached to various departments like Underwriting and Customer Service. Allianz Malaysia is not only proud of the Company’s initiatives but urges the public to be more open and welcoming to our unique brothers and sisters. 

Moving forward, the Company hopes to expand its PWD workforce to find unpolished hidden gems to help propel it into an era of complete transparency and inclusivity.  Not only does the Company hope to make a dent in the oppressive stigma that looms over the underserved communities but it hopes to stand tall among insurers as an aid to them as well. At Allianz Malaysia, we believe that humanity deserves a chance to flourish.

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