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Allianz Malaysia concluded its nationwide environmental initiatives that have been carried out by its Head Office and 30 branches throughout the year. As part of Allianz 125th Anniversary (“125Y”) Celebration, Allianz is committed to giving back to society by helping communities address two existing global megatrends, Demographic Change and Environmental Change. Due to the growing environmental issues affecting the country recently, Allianz Malaysia decided to adopt the topic of Environmental Change and has been rolling out environment-related activities nationwide since May this year.


“Over the last 125 years, Allianz has been developing knowledge and ideas for risk solutions together with its customers as well as scientists and non-governmental organisations as part of its contribution towards addressing future challenges. In Malaysia, we have selected Environmental Change as the emerging megatrend as we see it to be more relevant with the current environmental issues we face locally. We hope to use the 125Y as a platform to draw more attention on this matter,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad.


On 1 August 2015, Allianz Malaysia organised an Environment Day event at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) in Kuala Lumpur for its employees at the Head Office as well as some of the branches located in the Klang Valley.  A variety of hands-on workshops were conducted during the event to encourage the practice of sustainable living which would hopefully lead to a decrease of negative impacts on the environment. Aside from that, many fun side activities were held concurrently to ensure an enjoyable time for all participants throughout the event.


Environmental initiatives held by the branches varied  depending on the opportunities available to them in their local area with activities ranging from beach clean-up held by branches in Batu Pahat, Ipoh, Kota Bharu, Miri, Taiping, and Teluk Intan; cleaning up of parks by Johor Bahru, Petaling Jaya, and Kuching; recycling activities by Alor Setar, Kluang, Melaka, Penang, Sarikei, Segamat, Sungai Petani, Tawau, and Northern Region Processing Hub; a nature outing activity by Kuantan; tree planting activities by Sibu; conservation initiatives by Kuala Terengganu as well as Temerloh in a turtle sanctuary and elephant sanctuary respectively.


Some of the activities held not only involved Allianz employees, but also family members as well as agents. These initiatives not only exposed participants to new experiences but also helped creating awareness on the importance of the environment.


“We hope the environment-related activities that we organised throughout the country have benefitted our planet and people. As we do our part to better improve our lives, we ought to think of the future generation and consider how their lives will be affected if we prolong the environmental issues we are facing today,” concluded Zakri.