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Allianz Malaysia is committed towards developing and nurturing children, and has organised various initiatives to support this. These initiatives include road safety awareness campaigns and workshops, the My Finance Coach financial literacy programme and the Allianz Junior Football Camp.

“Children should be nurtured from young so that they learn to become responsible and successful adults. They are the ones who hold the key to the future, shaping the world to come. We at Allianz Malaysia believe it is necessary to invest in the younger generation for a better tomorrow. As such, we have identified various initiatives for children, be it on the topics of road safety, personal finance or even to develop their sporting talent,” said Zakri Khir, CEO of Allianz Malaysia Berhad. 

Allianz Malaysia has been an advocate of road safety since 2011 when a MOU was signed between Allianz Malaysia’s general insurance arm, Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad and Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya (“JKJR”). Since then, many road safety initiatives have been organised, with children being a key target group. Allianz Malaysia reaches out to children in both primary and secondary schools and through its road safety campaigns and workshop which are interactive in nature. The Company also distributes helmets, windbreakers, and reflective wristbands with the road safety message “Be safe, Be seen” to these children. This year alone, Allianz Malaysia has reached out to 2,500 primary and secondary school students. 

Besides, it also launched its very own Road Safety Tips Booklet in 2014 to instil road safety awareness among children between the ages of 4-12 years old. The Booklet contains handy tips on road safety and is a fun tool for children to learn about road safety. So far, Allianz Malaysia has distributed 2,660 road safety booklets. Allianz Malaysia also reached out to its employees’ children by conducting Road Safety Awareness Workshops at the DeCARE circuit in Putrajaya. In small groups, the children alternated between different activities with an assigned trainer, learning topics such as how to cross the street safely; recognising traffic signs and basic road safety rules; road safety quiz; driving various vehicles and issuing summons. Classes on road safety awareness involving employee’s children were also conducted over the school holidays.  

“We are in the business of managing risk. Aside from instilling road safety awareness, which is helping children be more aware of physical risk, we also want to raise awareness on financial risk among children. Through our My Finance Coach programme, we hope to create well-informed children who can handle their money prudently and hopefully, continue to do so into adulthood,” continued Zakri.

My Finance Coach is a non-profit initiative founded in Germany in 2010 by partner companies Allianz, Grey and McKinsey. It is a financial literacy programme aimed at improving the money management skills of young people. Under the My Finance Coach programme, employee volunteers trained as Finance Coaches pair up to conduct classes in schools and non-profit organisations. Classes are interactive and engaging, where children learn about topics such as the importance of differentiating between needs and wants, the history and evolution of money and basic investment options. By using real life examples, economics and money management is taught in a way that children can relate to. Since 2012, Allianz Malaysia conducted 117 classes and reached out to 4,600 children. The reach of the My Finance Coach programme is further increased through Allianz Malaysia’s support of the Federation of Malaysian Consumer Association (“FOMCA”)’s Hari Pengguna Malaysia competition over the past two years whereby My Finance Coach classes are conducted in conjunction with FOMCA’s school outreach programmes.

Aside from this, Allianz Malaysia also took part in celebrating Global Money Week organised by Child and Youth Finance International (“CYFI”), where a series of events for children were organised. This included a visit to the Bank Negara Malaysia Museum & Art Gallery and Bursa Malaysia, among others. In November 2014, Allianz Malaysia took a step further by sponsoring the first ever CYFI Regional Focus Group Meeting and Workshop Series for Asia and the Pacific held in Kuala Lumpur. The meeting served as a platform for representatives from diverse levels and sectors to share, network and discuss the issues, challenges, and opportunities of addressing the topic of child and youth economic citizenship. Through supporting initiatives such as this, Allianz Malaysia hopes to support the development of young people into empowered economic citizens.

Developing talent is an important goal for Allianz Malaysia. From 2012 onwards, Allianz Malaysia has been part of the Allianz Junior Football Camp (“AJFC”). “AJFC brings teenagers together to inspire and develop their talent with an exciting five-day football adventure in Munich, Germany with FC Bayern Munich youth coaches. When we first started, we sent only two boys to Munich but to nurture more talents and experience professional football, we have been sending more boys to both Munich and the Asian Camp,” said Zakri.

AJFC brings together talented teenagers from various countries who get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet stars of FC Bayern Munich, participate in a professional football practice with official coaches of the club, visit the city of Munich and watch a match of FC Bayern Munich live at the Allianz Arena. 

“We believe that many children benefited from these initiatives designed just for them. We hope to reach out to even more children in years to come,” concluded Zakri.

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