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Purchasing a medical plan is futile if the plan you purchase does not give you the coverage you need; a plan that will not shrink despite medical inflation and takes care of your medical needs till the age of 91. Too good to be true? Not when it’s by Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad.

Allianz’s MediSafe Infinite and MediSafe Infinite Xtra are the perfect add-ons to the Allianz PowerLink Plan, giving the customers a robust medical plan that will work to provide them with the best coverage currently available in the market. 

“At Allianz, we are always finding ways to make insurance work for our customers. We put ourselves into our customer’s shoes. And it was very clear that in this current environment a medical plan with essential options is needed,” said Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad CEO Rangam Bir. 

“Options that most customers look for are the breadth of the coverage, options to have the best care when they need it, extending to overseas treatment and coverage for ailments like Dengue and Typhoid that are becoming widespread like the common cold and we’ve made sure MediSafe Infinte and MediSafe Infinite Xtra deliver that.”

MediSafe Infinite offers medical coverage up 91 years old with high annual limit (up to RM1.5 million) and no Lifetime Limit. Besides, it also provides second medical opinion benefit so customers can seek different view from another healthcare professional to help them make the best decisions for their health.

MediSafe Infinite Xtra provides all the benefits of MediSafe Inifinite and more. It provides additional coverage such as the option for treatment in Singapore, higher overall annual limit (up to RM1.8 million) and no co-payment for room and board upgrade. 

“Insurance should grow with its customers in mind and at Allianz, we try to do just that by developing value for money plans that are customer centric. That’s why MediSafe Infinite and MediSafe Infinite Xtra offer features like outpatient treatment for Dengue or Typhoid Fever, option to undergo alternative treatments or the option to seek a second medical opinion. These are the things that matter to Malaysians,” added Rangam. 

Those who wish to know more about these products can log on to Allianz Malaysia website Alternatively, they can also contact the Allianz Customer Service Centre at 1-300-88-1028 or email  



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