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This Hari Raya, Allianz Malaysia wants you to stay safe on the roads.

Together with Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (JKJR), the Company held its annual Balik Kampung road safety advocacy campaign nationwide to remind road users to stay safe during the upcoming Hari Raya celebration. The campaign began with Tikam Batu in Sungai Petani yesterday and Terminal Bas Bentayan in Muar today. This will be followed by Petronas Wakaf Baru, Gong Badak in Kuala Terengganu on 22 June.  

“Balik kampung has become a norm for all Malaysians during the festive period and our Balik Kampung campaign aims to remind the public to stay safe on the roads as they travel to their respective destinations to celebrate the occasion with their family and friends. It should be a happy occasion for everyone,” said Zakri Khir, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Malaysia Berhad. 

“As an insurer, our business is to reduce risks. We recognise the importance of our role in educating the public about road safety. Through our road safety campaigns, such as the ‘Balik Kampung’ campaign we hope to engage with the community and play an active role to increase safety awareness among road users,” added Zakri. 

During the campaign, Allianz Malaysia handed out 900 specially designed reflective stickers and 150 reflective windbreakers to motorcyclists, while 90 sets of shoulder pads, 90 safety hammers and 60 Child Safety Booster Seats were given away to motorists.

Allianz Malaysia’s road safety advocacy campaigns emphasise the safety of motorcyclists as they hold the highest road fatality rate in Malaysia. The reflective stickers and reflective windbreakers that were given out help increase the visibility of motorcyclists in low-light conditions. 

As for motorists, the use of the car seatbelt shoulder pads, which feature the message “Drive Safely” and “Buckle Up”, can help to relieve the stress and chafing from the seatbelt strap. The safety hammer is a multi-tool that also functions as torchlight, beacon light, and seatbelt cutter that can come in handy in the event of a vehicle breakdown or when an accident occurs involving the vehicle.

Besides that, the Child Safety Booster Seat, which should be placed in the back seat of the car, will help boost the child’s sitting height, so that the seatbelt sash passes their shoulders across the chest, while the lap strap is worn low on the child’s lap. The booster seat is recommended for children who are under 135cm in height.

Besides that, Allianz Malaysia is also supporting JKJR in their National Road Safety Campaign at at Jalan Raja Laut, In front of DBKL 1 Tower (16 June) and in Simpang Bulat, Sarikei (23 June)

Allianz Malaysia has been advocating road safety since 2011 through initiatives such as the road safety education programme and road safety interactive campaigns at schools and the road safety advocacy campaigns at accident prone areas. In collaboration with Jabatan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia (JKJR), Allianz Malaysia has carried out 158 road safety campaigns and programmes nationwide with more than 440 Allianz Malaysia employees trained by JKJR as Road Safety Ambassadors. 

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