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From 30 March 2017, fuel prices has been revised on a weekly basis. The new weekly fuel pricing is announced every Wednesday and the new prices enforced after midnight. 

Allianz General shares some fuel-saving tricks that will give you bang for your buck and hopefully help you save some extra ringgit. 

Here are 7 simple tips to keep your fuel woes at bay: -  

Tip #1: Do not idle –Turn off the car’s engine if you are waiting for your friend to run an errand or if you are waiting for someone for a long period of time to avoid prolonged burning of fuel.  

Tip #2: Less junk in the trunk – Extra weight in the booth will make you burn more petrol. Your boot should only contain a first aid kit, spare tire and repair and safety equipment. Carrying extra cargo makes your car burn more fuel – it’s been said for every 45 kilograms you add to your car, you use about 2 percent more fuel!

Tip #3: Tip top shape – Always service your car on time. Poor maintenance can lead to unnecessary excess fuel usage. Also, check your filters regularly. Clean filters ensure fuel efficiency.

Tip #4: Pump it! – Under-inflated tires are dangerous as you run a risk of poor road holding, cause excessive drag and resistance which increases fuel consumption. Besides, properly inflated tires are safer, last longer! 

Tip #5: Bang for your buck – Not all fuels are the same. So, experiment with different types of fuels to see which one offers you the best mileage. Alternatively, check with your car manufacturers or mechanic to know which fuel in the market suits your car the best.

Tip #6:  No need for speed – Applying brakes excessively wastes petrol and could wear out your brake pads quickly. So, keep a safe distance and keep to the speed limit. Besides, less speed means less petrol burned.

Tip #7: Park in the shade – Always park your car under the shade. That way, your air conditioner will not have to work doubly hard to keep you cool. Also, that means less chances that your petrol will evaporate when your car is out in the sun. 

Besides saving on fuel, ensure that you and your car are protected at all times with the Allianz’s Enhanced Road Warrior, available for purchase on Allianz Online (  

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