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Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Allianz Life”) understands that protection is important for everyone, especially women who play a diverse role in society. Besides being mothers and wives, they also hold great responsibilities in their careers. With a myriad of things to handle, women also need to take time and look after themselves by getting the right protection plan.

“I always believe that every woman is indeed a ‘superwoman’. She has many roles to fill and manages to juggle her time and energy between the family, home and work all at the same time. However, as she does this, sometimes she may tend to overlook in terms of care for herself. That’s why  we, at Allianz Life want to create an awareness for women to take care and keep themselves protected at all times,” said Rangam Bir, CEO of Allianz Life.

According to the World Health Organization (“WHO”), women live an average of four years longer than men worldwide and that globally, cardiovascular disease, often thought to be a "male" problem, is the number one killer of women. WHO also mentioned that almost all (99%) of the approximate 287,000 maternal deaths every year occur in developing countries while road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among adolescent girls in high -and upper-middle-income countries*.

“Alarming statistics of illness and accidental deaths certainly raise concern that women should be adequately covered from various aspects, including life coverage, critical illness, accident protection and medical protection. All these should be looked at to adequately protect her against financial hardships which can arise either to herself or her family in case the unforeseen happens,” continued Rangam.

As women look towards protection, there are also some unique protection plans catered exclusively for them, especially health insurance plans which include coverage for female related diseases and certain kinds of pregnancy complications.

“In short, diseases do not recognise age and it can happen to anyone at any point of their lives. Just because a person is young and healthy, it doesn’t mean that she is exempted from things like accidents or illnesses. So it is always best to get protected while a woman is young and healthy. Besides, it is also imperative to understand the kind of insurance needs a woman has, which change over time as she goes through different life stages. An insurance intermediary will be helpful in providing advice on her insurance needs,” concluded Rangam.


* Source:  World Health Organization