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Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (Allianz Life) is partnering with RHB Trustees Berhad to provide its customers with trustee services to help manage and protect their legacy for their family. 

Between now until 31 December 2021, Allianz Life will refer its customers whose insurance policies collectively make up a minimum Sum Assured of RM500,000 to RHB Trustees. Through this referral, customers will be able to draw up insurance trusts to leave a legacy for their family members with a special fixed rate of RM500 for each insurance trust.

“As insurers, we cannot stress enough the importance of legacy planning and protecting your family’s income. Acquiring assets is only one half of your responsibilities.  

“Many of us spend a lifetime accumulating wealth but place little importance on estate administration processes. There may be some who draw up wills to protect their family, but for those who do not, their beneficiaries may not inherit what is rightfully theirs,” said Joseph Gross, Chief Executive Officer of Allianz Life. 

More importantly, one should also be aware that, at the point of inheritance, the estate’s value may depreciate and in some circumstances, some beneficiaries end up not receiving even a single cent. And this is largely due to ignorance of estate administration process.

Joseph added that insurance trust is one of the most fundamental legacy planning tools that provide immediate cash which will be not frozen and is also creditor proof. 

“Legacy planning is often associated with having a last will and testament, however many individuals prefer setting up a trust. One of the biggest draws with a trust is avoiding long-drawn court probate and the unnecessary costs that come with it. With Insurance Trust, we can ensure family members are well taken care of,” added Gross. 

“We believe that proper transfer of wealth strategy is necessary for comprehensive financial planning. Recent statistics show about 70 percent of Malaysians still do not have proper Estate or Legacy Planning in place. Therefore, this partnership with Allianz is a key strategic step for RHB Trustees, enabling us to help more people in drawing up professional Legacy Plans to protect their loved ones,” said Tony Chieng, Chief Executive Officer of RHB Trustees, RHB Banking Group.

To learn more about RHB Trustees Berhad private trustee services, visit

For further enquiries, kindly contact Allianz Malaysia Berhad via or at 1-300-22-5542, from Monday to Friday between 8.00am to 8.00pm

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