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As the world’s leading car insurer with approximately 50 million motorists insured globally, Allianz feels a clear responsibility to communicate key safety messages to a worldwide audience. As a way to raise awareness and understanding of road safety issues around the world, Allianz has been involved in Formula One™ (“F1™”) since 2000. Contrary to popular belief, F1™ is actually one of the safest sports in the world despite racing in high speed. 

Allianz was the first to brand the pit lane, the Official F1™ Safety Car and Medical Car, which are key safety symbols in F1™. As part of the team partnership with the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula One™ team, the Allianz logo is also placed on the safety belt, the driver’s head and neck support system (“HANS”) as well as the race overall as visible testaments to its commitment to road safety.

The recent F1™ Grand Prix at the Sepang circuit is one place where adrenaline may rush, but behind the scene is an important person who ensures the safety of the race tracks and the drivers. It is none other than Bernd Maylander, Allianz’s Safety Ambassador and well-respected F1™ Safety Car Driver. Maylander was recently in Malaysia during the F1™ Grand Prix here and shared his experience and provided some ‘drive safe’ tips.

“Malaysia is ranked among the top 25 most dangerous countries for road users. This has prompted Allianz Malaysia to work towards creating awareness on safe driving.  Most recently Allianz Malaysia launched a campaign known as MyAID to bring irresponsible drivers to attention of the public,” said Maylander. 

Malaysians Against Irresponsible Drivers (“MyAID”) is a new initiative by Allianz Malaysia to help make Malaysian roads safer. MyAID seeks to mobilise Malaysians to keep a watch on irresponsible drivers and leverages on the power of social media to create public awareness that everyone has a part to play in making Malaysian roads safer through the MyAID app.

The MyAID app helps to capture irresponsible drivers in action with the smartphone’s video camera. It can record an incident even if it has passed. A tap of the screen captures the past 30 seconds of an incident automatically, with an option to continue recording by tapping the dedicated record button. The video is then saved onto a driver’s smartphone so that they can then upload it to the MyAID channel on youtube. Other MyAID users will be encouraged to share these videos to bring irresponsible driving behaviour to the nation’s attention.  

“Irresponsible drivers crash the dreams of others. Drivers need to understand that anything can happen on the road and that they must remember to keep their eyes on the road. Respect other road users and keep your distance from the car in front of you. Stay on your side of the lane and always observe traffic rules,” advised Maylander.