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Monsoon season is upon us and if you think flood cover is a forgone option in your motor insurance policy. Think again.  

Flash floods have hit Penang in the recent weeks, submerging cars and homes and worrying residents on the island. Floods seem to be a recurrent theme for Penangites, as Bayan Baru was also hit with floods in September.  

“Flooding raises a serious concern for Penangites now more than ever. We have seen our customers and even our own employees going through a flood situation, and it is certainly not easy. Buying flood cover with your motor policy offers protection for yourself and your family.  It can help families save thousands of ringgit and also help rebuild lives,” said Collin Peter, Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad Penang’s Branch Manager. 

“Not many people are aware that flood coverage is now available with your motor policy. So our advice is to always make it a habit to ask your agent about flood coverage when purchasing or renewing your motor policy and to pick the right product that suits your needs. Besides that, what you do during and after the flood is crucial in making sure you have as smooth a claims journey as possible and a speedy payout to help get you back on your feet,” added Collin.  

To ensure a smooth and speedy claims approval, customers are advised to get in touch with your insurers as soon as possible after a flood. Also, try to keep records of all the damages, receipts and take photos wherever, whenever possible. 

In providing simply the best value for customers, Allianz offers flood cover for cars and superbikes with Enhanced Road Warrior and Bike Warrior respectively.

To find out more about these policies, reach out to our Allianz Customer Service Associates at 1-300-88-1028 or For Allianz customers whose vehicles are affected by the flood, they can call the 24 hours Allianz Roadside Assistance local line at 1-800-886-278 or land line at 03-21613960.

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