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Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) penned a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) paving the way for Allianz employees to fast-track their way towards a Diploma with MII. 

The MOU, signed on 16 December 2015 by both Allianz Malaysia Berhad (AMB) Chairman Tan Sri Razali Ismail and MII Chairman Hashim Harun and witnessed by AMB and Allianz General CEO Zakri Khir and MII CEO Dato’ Syed Moheeb Syed Kamarulzaman officially recognises Allianz General's Professional Commercial Underwriters Certification (PCUC) programme, making Allianz the first insurer in Malaysia to be accorded the privilege.

"At Allianz, our aim has always been to push boundaries, be innovative in pioneering groundbreaking initiatives that shape and influence the insurance industry. With this MOU, we have achieved that. I would like to thank the Malaysian Insurance Institute for recognising Allianz’s Professional Commercial Underwriters Certification programme as a benchmark for underwriters looking to obtain the Diploma of Malaysian Insurance Institute," said Allianz CEO Zakri Khir. 

"The Professional Commercial Underwriters Certification programme has been an asset for Allianz Malaysia in producing certified underwriters who are industry savvy.  With this new partnership with MII, we are able to further strengthen our commitment in championing the continued learning and career development of our employees.  There is a bright future in the insurance industry and it can open many doors. We look forward to forging a strong partnership with MII to driving that goal," added Zakri.  

Allianz's PCUC is a comprehensive programme aimed at producing certified underwriters who are competent in underwriting and soft skills. As part of the agreement with MII, PCUC graduates will receive credit exemptions when pursuing the Diploma of Malaysian Insurance Institute (DMII), allowing them to obtain the diploma between 12-18 months.

The cost of the programme, which equips the undergraduate with technical knowledge to elevate the professional standards expected from an underwriter will be borne by Allianz General.

“Further, for the students to be concurrently awarded the Diploma of MII (DMII) upon completion of the Professional Commercial Underwriters Certification (PCUC), the students will undertake 2 DMII subjects and the Certificate of MII (CMII) to fulfill the remaining completion credits requirement. The review outcome has been completed and the fulfillment of the requirement of 120 credits will be conferred the Diploma of the Malaysian Insurance Institute or the DMII,” said MII CEO Dato’ Syed Moheeb.

“This important collaboration clearly signifies the way forward, whereby the industry communicates directly its professional requirements to MII and MII will do the necessary to meet the needs of the industry. Since the issue of talent and the shortage of qualified professionals in the insurance industry is a known fact, MII will take the lead to work closely with the insurance companies to address this critical gap,” concluded Syed Moheeb.

This year alone, Allianz's PCUC programme attracted some 50 students from the medium corporation businesses, underwriters and marketers. The programme is also set to be extended to agents and brokers in the near future.

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