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Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) dropped anchor in Labuan as they opened a new branch to reach out to customers, especially for those within the area.


Chief Sales Officer of Allianz General Horst Habbig officially opened the branch with a lion dance performance, ribbon cutting ceremony and plaque signing. The event which was attended by agents, business partners and employees, started off at about 10.00am with a speech from Habbig.

“Today is certainly a day to remember for us at Allianz Malaysia as our hopes to better engage and reach out to our customers and agents in Labuan without having them to travel out to find us is  now a firm reality,” said Horst Habbig, Chief Sales Officer of Allianz General.

Allianz began operations in Malaysia in 2002 and today, Allianz Malaysia has 38 branches all over Malaysia. In fact, Labuan is the third Allianz General branch to be opened this year after Muar and Langkawi, as it looks to increase engagement in smaller cities throughout the country.

“Our new branch, strategically located with an office space of 1,800 square feet will operate as a sales office, with one marketing assistant and one marketing executive to see towards the needs of our customers and our valued 10 agents including franchise dealer. And as customers, agents and business partners have an easier access to Allianz in Labuan now, we believe that we will be able to provide to their every insurance needs.”


Allianz Malaysia’s Labuan branch is located at:

U0074, 1st Floor,

Jalan Merdeka,

87008, WP Labuan.

Telephone : 087-422249/422250

 Fax : 087-422244