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Having a medical card is an advantage that many may not be aware of when purchasing a health insurance policy. As such, Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad (“Allianz Life”) understands the significance of creating awareness on the importance of having a medical card to both its customers and the general public alike. 

“A medical card attached to a health insurance policy certainly provides hassle-free service and peace of mind for patients and all they need to do is just focus on recuperating. This is because patients with a medical card attached to their plan need not pay the medical expenses unless it is miscellaneous expenses that are not related to the treatment. This is essential especially as medical costs are escalating, it may not be easy for an average income earner to make hospital bill payments upfront,” said Felicia Leong, Head of Life and Health Claims of Allianz Life.

When purchasing a medical card, one has to consider many factors  such as, the type of benefits the card covers, the limit for the Room and Board plan, expiry age and whether the premium payment and the coverage is fair and equitable among others.  It is equally important to honestly declare one’s health condition(s) in the set of Medical Health Questions asked in the Proposal Form at the point of purchase.  This is to prevent the risk of a delay or even decline in the issuance of the Guarantee Letter.




People are advised to read the policy terms and conditions, including Exclusions to understand the medical card coverage. Nevertheless, if the policy is found not to meet the needs of the policyholder, request for a policy cancellation can be made within the free-look-period. Free-look-period is a period where a new insurance policyholder is able to terminate the contract without penalties. Depending on the insurer, a free-look-period often lasts about 15 days, allowing the policyholder to decide whether or not to keep it. If the policyholder is not satisfied and decides not to keep it within this period, he/she can receive a full refund for it.




For some, they may opt to have two or more medical cards at the same time. Through this, they have the option to split the amount of medical bills. However, by doing so, they may need to anticipate a longer time for the issuance of the Final Guarantee Letter at the time of discharge, depending on the insurer. For Allianz customers, the Company can administer this through its third-party administrator when the Room and Board limit or the annual/lifetime limit is insufficient to cover the medical expenses. Thus, the medical card under the second policy may be utilised as a top-up*.

“I strongly encourage everyone to consider getting a medical card. This is especially important when you are still young and healthy as the premiums can be lower and you can avoid certain risks not being accepted. At the end of the day, we want to create awareness and provide results for customers as well as the general public alike,” concluded Leong.

Customers who wish to enquire or find out more about their medical card, can email .  

*Subject to terms and conditions.