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Allianz Diabetic Essential

An innovative medical plan diabetics need and deserve.

Product Info

Diabetes should not stop you from getting the medical protection that you need. With Allianz Diabetic Essential, we believe that you deserve a second chance to be protected. As an encouragement Allianz is rewarding you with annual premium discount should you maintain or improve your health. This plan offers you

  • A choice of 4 medical plans to cover the cost of hospitalisation and surgery.
  • Annual health screening benefits for HbA1c blood test, kidney function test, lipid profile, medical examination and full urine examination.
  • Outpatient treatment benefits covering treatment such as cancer and kidney dialysis.
  • Enjoy annual premium discounts up to 40% for improving and maintaining your health.

Allianz Diabetic Essential

With the higher risk of being diagnosed with major medical conditions, it is important to have a medical plan in place to help cover the cost of hospitalisation and surgery if you succumb to an illness as a result of diabetes.

With Allianz, diabetics (Type 2) now you can get medical coverage because we believe you deserve protection and a chance to make a change in your life.

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