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Since its launch in 2018, Allianz Malaysia Berhad’s (Allianz Malaysia) healthcare administration, the Allianz Care Solutions (ACS), has been making strides in offering customers an improved, one-stop medical administration and enquiry platform. 

Previously known as Customer Healthcare Administration, among the services provided by ACS includes; overseeing local and overseas in-patient health claims, generating a Guarantee Letter, management of Allianz’s 140-panel network of medical providers (hospitals) and a 24-hour helpline which offers assistance on cashless hospital admission, claims processes and facilitating fast-discharge.

Now, the ACS is also extending its support to the recently-launched Allianz We Care Community programme, which offers complimentary COVID-19 benefits for Malaysians. ACS will be providing those who sign up for the programme with benefit settlement (Covid-19 cash relief and death benefit) as well as lining up partners for complimentary services and offers like, the COVID-19 medical enquiry hotline, Telehealth, E-Pharmacy and Physiotherapist-on-call.  

“Allianz Care Solutions is about creating a new holistic journey that centers on care. 
When we first started, the goal was to ensure smoother and better control of operations and to focus on the end-to-end care journey of a customer from prevention to support while implementing prudent claims control. Next, we worked on building a solid infrastructure by enhancing our digital capabilities, more specifically, automation and data collection, to understand our customers better and help them optimise their benefits. Today, we are part of the Allianz We Care Community and providing real value to Malaysians when they need us the most,” said Tammy Lee, Head of Allianz Care Solutions, Allianz Malaysia. 

“Scalability is important when you take on something as big as healthcare administration. We want to be able to offer our customers more products and services, and at the same time, we want to increase the efficiency of the delivery of these services as well. We have close to 70 percent of customers on ACS. So, we are always looking towards how much more we can do and what we can do better,” said Tammy.

To get in touch with Allianz’s Allianz Care Solution’s Hospital Admission and Discharge team (24-hours), please call 1-300-888-322 or email For feedback, claims, or payment (Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm), please call 1-800-22-8322 or email to

To register to be part of the Allianz We Care Community, visit and fill out your contact details. Closing date for applications is 31 August 2020. 


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