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Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad has approved RM2.2million in interim payments for flood victims in Penang, Kedah and Perak. 

The Company received 338 claims as a result of the recent floods in the northern region over the last two weeks and has expedited residential and commercial claims approval and these include settling all residential claims that were within RM50,000 on the spot and fast tracking all commercial claims within RM50,000.

“Allianz protects you from A to Z is more than just a tagline, it is a promise to our customers that we are with you 24-7, 365. In saying that, it was important to us that we mitigated the claims situation as quickly through various initiatives to help our customers get back on their feet. This was real life, personalised customer service,” said Jayapragash Amblavanar, Head of Claims.

During the floods, Allianz mobilised its Claims Caravan to various locations. 

Allianz home insurance policyholders whose homes were affected by the flood were able to come and file their claims, and an adjuster would be assigned to survey the said property within 24 hours. Eligible motor insurance policyholders will also be able to lodge their claims at the caravan.

Customers who lodge flood claims at the caravan will also receive a waterproof survival kit, complete with blanket, towels, first aid kit and torch light. 

“People react on stimulants, often times only when something untoward happens. Take the recent floods, many Malaysians pass on flood cover because it did not happen to them or they do even think it could happen to them. Let this be a wake-up call. Be proactive; do not wait for the aftermath of something bad before you react. Because then it would be too late,” added Jayapragash. 

Customers who purchased Allianz General's motor insurance since July now benefitted from the 50 percent reduced rate on special perils which include natural disasters such as flood, typhoon, hurricane, landslide and other convulsions of nature.

To find out more about the Allianz Claims Caravan schedule, Allianz General customers can contact the 24-hour hotline 03-42703951 and 017-4502288 (also via WhatsApp). 

To purchase or learn more about Allianz’s Comprehensive Car Assistance Programme (Enhanced Road Warrior), visit or drop by any Allianz branches nearest to you.

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