7 Incredible Lessons You Can Learn from Travelling




Others | Monday, 24 Jul 2017

Whether you notice it or not, travelling changes you. It changes the way you love your family, the world and even yourself. Exploring the world helps you grow in a way no classroom or job ever will.


Here are 7 lessons being on the road can teach any traveller.



1. Compassion


Travel nurtures compassion. It is easier to identify with a community when you experience the way people live, right on their turf! You evolve from being merely an observer into a global citizen. When you experience the lives of others and feel connected to the people you share this world with, you are able to understand the impact of events taking place, even when it happens across the globe. In doing so, you will become more aware and caring.


2. New perspectives


Humans are hardwired to form opinions based on the information gathered from others, which can lead to stereotypical generalisations. However, travelling shatters stereotypes and alters pre-existing perceptions. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds also helps you to become more open to different cultures. When you see the world with your own eyes, it reshapes your understanding of those living in it.


3. There is nothing to fear


While fear of the unknown is to be expected, some people are afraid to go beyond what is familiar. However, when you leave your comfort zone, you will see that in reality, the greatest fear is fear itself. You will take great comfort in knowing there are many good people out there in all parts of the world. Even better, you will discover that you have the capacity to be braver and stronger than you even suspected.


Between these two realizations, you will see that the world is not as frightening as it seems.


4. Newfound appreciation


You have no idea how privileged you are until you see for your own eyes, just how true that is. Visiting a country struck by poverty, oppression or natural disasters can break your heart, but it will also leave you humbled and grateful for what you have.


Away from home, you will also learn to appreciate the things that you may take for granted. Family, friends, home-cooked meals, your own bed – it is only when you live without them that you realise how much they mean to you. Returning home after travelling lets you truly appreciate the life you have and the loved ones around you.


5. The planet needs your protection


On your journey, you may come across beautiful natural sceneries and wildlife that take your breath away. It is worrying to think that these can easily disappear or be destroyed within the next few years. The more you travel, the more you see the impact humans have on the environment on a global scale.


This is why many seasoned globetrotters strive to practise responsible travel to support the conservation of the earth’s natural and cultural heritage while minimising environmental impact.


6. Patience


Be it solo or in a group, travelling teaches you to be patient. You learn to manage your emotions and the need for control when you realise just how many things are beyond your control, such as the weather, delays or unforeseen setbacks. You learn to let go of the little problems that would normally stress you out on a daily basis and just go with the flow.


7. Love oneself


The most important lesson travelling can teach is to love oneself. Travelling lets you experiment with your decisions and learn to be more independent. As you rediscover who you are, you begin to live in the moment and enjoy what life has to offer. Slowly but surely, travelling boosts your confidence and encourages you to be kinder to yourself.



Here’s a final tip to take care of yourself when you travel!



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