Essential Car Accessories That Will Make Your Road Trip More Pleasurable




Others | Monday, 24 Feb 2020

Imagine being in the middle of a road trip and your phone runs out of juice! Panic attack! How will you find your destination? Know which routes to avoid because of bad traffic? Call your friends or family to let them know you will be late? Bad vibes loom.


These little hacks can go a long way for good vibes road trip. Let’s get this show on the road:

Always On, Even On the Road

As part of the connected generation, here are a few items to add to your checklist:



One of the most essential items that top the list on the road (besides getting a motor insurance for safety reasons). Get recommendations or rest areas along the way, use it as a map and navigator, entertain your passengers, or call for help if you need it (a good motor insurance will have you covered). Smartphones are a useful all in one to take on a trip.

Phone chargers / USB cables / Power banks

With so much on your phone, it’s important to make sure you have enough juice to last the drive. Some cars have charging ports for phones, but it’s still good to bring a power bank with faster charging capabilities. Also, don’t forget to check that you brought the right cable!


Hands free kit

Keep your hands on the wheel! While some cars have the Bluetooth feature that connects directly to the smartphone, others will need to play it safe and use a hands-free kit to keep them focused on the road. A mounted phone clip or a non-slip silicone phone holder can keep your phone on your dash. 


The perfect playlist


Use music responsibly to make a long car ride safer. Whether you're streaming music or have your own dedicated music storage device, really think about how you get on road trips and how music affects you when preparing your road trip play list. Is it a leisurely drive that will make you sleepy? Find catchy tunes that energise you. Is it an intimidating drive that's going to build anxiety? Line up soothing melodies that will calm your nerves. 



...and some crucial items you can’t afford to miss yet you may not realize how important they are until you need them:

Important numbers

We’re so used to having all our important numbers saved in our phone or being searchable on Google, but it’s always good to have the really important numbers written down and kept in your wallet or car. One such important number you should have is the Allianz Road Rangers’ number (1800-22-5542). In the event of an accident, they will be with you every step of the way for free if you have Allianz comprehensive car insurance.


First aid kit

Basic supplies such as plasters and medicine can be vital when the closest city is still far away! While you should probably not be on the road if you're in bad shape, some medicine to keep discomforts in check will let you focus on the drive so you can get to the nearest clinic safely.



Just one of those essentials especially because not only can it rain anytime in Malaysia, you can also minimize those harmful sun rays on sweltering hot days.


Spare tire kit / Car breakdown insurance

Make sure to inspect that the ones on your car are in good condition before you set off on long drives. If you're going to be on a long drive or are frequently on the road, it would be good for you to bring a spare tire kit and learn how to use it. Alternatively, you could get a good car breakdown insurance (aka road insurance like Enhanced Road Warrior) for reliable 24-hour free unlimited towing distance and roadside assistance.

Motor Insurance

A good motor insurance policy makes all the difference, and there's more to our comprehensive motor insurance than protecting your car, check out Allianz Road Rangers to find out more about how you can have peace of mind while travelling on the road.



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