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Allianz General Insurance Company (Malaysia) Berhad (Allianz General) recently donated RM5, 000 to SK Jalan Semenyih 1 in Kajang to help renovate its restroom, making it accessible for Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The donation allowed for changes such as the repositioning of the restroom sinks to a lower height, installation of handrails and construction of a wheelchair ramp, amongst others. There are currently 25 PWD students enrolled at the school. Abd Hamid Razali, Kepong Branch Manager of Allianz General said: “We knew we could lend a helping hand when we heard that the school needed funds to renovate the restroom. We hope it will ease their burden and provide the children access and mobility as they go about their daily school life.  We think that it is important to remove all barriers in their surrounding environment so they can be independent and have equal opportunities to participate in society.” 

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