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Allianz Malaysia Berhad signed off 2015 with 150,000 Facebook fans. The milestone achieved on 18 December 2015 is a positive result following the various efforts carried out by the Company this year to increase engagement with customers, the public as well as its employees. 

Since 6 July 2011, customers have been able to share their experiences, voice their opinions and make enquiries while fans will be privy to the announcements, latest information about products, as well various latest events or competitions organised by the company.

Allianz Malaysia’s Facebook page also acts as a feedback tool where both positive and negative comments are addressed. In 2015, the Company has seen an increase in engagement with its Facebook fans through complaints and enquiries. Videos seem to be the most popular content on the page. An Apology – The Husband and Wife Story, a public service announcement video on the importance buying insurance managed a reach of 3.2 million number of unique views [1]with 25, 955 likes and 2,454 shares.   

“Hitting 150,000 Facebook fans is a great way to cap off 2015. Our Facebook page has given Allianz a virtual presence, a friendly face that customers can approach with their questions and queries. It gives the Company an avenue to touch base with customers unlike any other platform can in maintaining that connectivity even without having the physical presence,” said Joannica Dass, Head of Corporate Communications Department.  

“Furthermore, for the second half of the year, we embarked on a social media employee engagement activities. So achieving this milestone is definitely the cherry on top. For Allianz Malaysia, it’s not just about the numbers. We want to be a presence that people can count on. This year, we have diversified out content, sharing our latest campaigns, products as well as activities, videos and being more attentive and interactive,” added Joannica.

Some of the initiatives carried out for fans included a screening of the World Cup final last year, contests like Allianz Highway Manners, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Allianz Insta Challenge 2015 which garnered higher reach in engagement.

[1] Source: Allianz Malaysia’s Facebook Insights

“In 2016, Allianz hopes to continue our efforts in upholding our social media presence and being able to continuously improve in our efforts to communicate, listen and answer to customers’ needs through social media. Not just through Facebook, but also via our Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn pages,” said Joannica.  


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